Sea To Summit Comfort Light Self Inflating Mat - Women's - Blue - Regular

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The Sea To Summit Comfort Light S.I.™ Sleeping Mat is a lightweight all-season comfort and performance mat using Sea To Summit's Delta Core™ technology The Comfort Light S.I. is for those of us who are looking for the perfect compromise between comfort and weight in a traditional self-inflating foam mat.   Sea To Summit's Delta Core technology is a truly innovative approach to reducing the weight and bulk of the polyurethane (PU) foam core of their Self-Inflating mattresses the patent pending coring process removes up to 40% of the initial volume of the PU foam, retaining enough for optimal support and comfort, while minimising the packed weight and size of the final mattress. Importantly, this coring technique has the additional benefit of keeping the top and bottom surface of the PU foam completely intact. This ensures consistent warmth along the full length of the mattress, avoiding the vertical holes or frame-like gaps that have traditionally allowed warmth to leach downwards. The full foam surface also provides significantly improved bonding of the foam to the shell fabrics of the mattress, thereby greatly reducing the chance of delamination. The shape and size of the Delta Cores are adjusted across the different thicknesses of our mattresses to ensure strength and durability, while still giving the user excellent support and self-inflating performance. 

The Sea To Summit Comfort Light S.I.™ Womens sleeping mats are optimised for a typical woman’s physiology, with a shape that’s narrower in the shoulders and wider from the knee to hip. Designed to meet the unique needs of female physiology, Sea To Summit's Women’s Comfort Light™ S.I. Mat provides increased warmth and sleeping comfort for a great night’s sleep, all year round. Featuring a women’s specific shape that is wider at the hip and narrower at the shoulder, the exterior anti-slip print ensures you don’t slip when sleeping on sloping ground and the multi-function reversible high flow-rate valve allows fast and easy inflation and deflation.

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