DMM Wallnut Set - 7-11

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The DMM Wallnuts are amongst the most popular nuts that you can find on a rack, and are a staple for many climbers. One of the defining features of DMM Wallnuts has to be the scalloped edge. This allows the nut to be placed in more complex placements, where crystals and other irregularities may have otherwise got in the way. They can easily be placed face or side on due the way that they curve, so each nut has plenty of placement options. DMM have worked on the alloy mix with the end result being a nut that bites into the rock when fallen on. The anodizing helps when finding the right size gear for the job, the colour also coincides with Wild Country Rocks, to help avoid confusion if you use both. Other important factors in the manufacture and design are the reduction of any excess weight where possible and the well rounded edges allowing snag free placements, and easy cleaning for your second.

  • Colour coded for easy size identification
  • Grooved faces improve security in irregular rock
  • Allows placement in different orientations
  • Curved taper
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